Don’t worry! I had to look it up myself! My qualifications after all are in maths, not chinese!

I first read about this a few weeks ago. An indian man wanted to sue his parents for having him without asking!

It sounds ridiculous and yet one can see the logic!

“Life is a wonderful gift” many will say but to many others this truth is very hard to understand!

Walk into a psychiatric hospital or speak to many addicts and try explaining to them why their lives are full of pain…..

What did they do to deserve it? Why do some seem to get it easy and others not?!

And so without a higher dimension and spirituality, is it no wonder that many commit suicide or try to sue their parents?!

“I’m your father” or “I’m your mother” many parents shout at their rebellious kids!

“I never asked to be born” scream the kids back!

I know because I did it! While I never thought of suing my parents (who aren’t well off anyway!!) I was angry at God and often wished He never made me!

Young, gay, depressed, lost, catholic at 23 gave me no hope!

Suicide wasn’t the answer so if only God could delete me like you delete a word from your computer or phone I thought!

Of course when I encountered God and realised that He loved me and had a plan for me despite (and even with) my brokenness I came to understand with my heart why life indeed is a precious gift in spite of the pains and sufferings!

In today’s secular world there is so much pain. So many young people struggle with depression, addictions and suicide rates are at an epidemic!


Well I’m guessing from my own experience that they struggle to see the gift and beauty of life through the pain and struggles and that they too have deep inner wounds that have not yet been healed by the mystical touch of the Holy Spirit!

And so we need to pray for them and love them and trust that through our love and prayers the love of Jesus may come alive in them!

We should also spare a thought for parents and hope that instead of being sued for their actions in the bedroom that they may be thanked and appreciated as the humble instruments used by God to bring new life into the world regardless of how broken or dysfunctional they were!

Have a great day and may we all come to appreciate in our hearts what the gift of life really is! (mice excluded!!)