Good morning!

Firstly a brief update on our mouse! I purchased a nice trap and am researching how I might make mouse-pies for Christmas!

On a more serious note perhaps I can learn something from this little mouse who successfully avoided my trap last night and lives to see another day!

How many traps on a daily basis does Satan set for us?! And how many of these traps does God teach us to avoid without even knowing it!

There are a few common traps! The most basic one is also the most powerful one, unforgiveness!

Unforgiveness is poison to the soul and consumes people so much in anger and bitterness that they can’t pray or focus on anything else!

Physical symptoms of heaviness, tiredness, headaches, migraines etc. follow!

As the body is under stress the muscles tighten, stomach pain, IBS, heartburn follow….

All of this affects the mood and then comes depression, anxiety and push things far enough a full blown nervous breakdown!

Now yesterday as I showed off my mouse trap a number of people lamented on the slow death that our little friend may have.

Yet I wonder if people know that the fate of this little mouse is really rather mild in comparison to the soul with unforgiveness!

As human beings we are prone to getting annoyed at others, at ourselves and at God and that is why so many saints stressed doing an examination of conscience every night and forgiving!

When we forgive we literally spit out the poison we may have swallowed so to speak and we don’t let it linger in our hearts!

Of course there are many other traps Satan sets for us too but I’ll leave those for another day!

And so just as God heard the mouse’s prayers last night and spared him from the trap of death, won’t God hear your prayers too, you who are so much more dear to Him than a mouse???!!

Have a great day; forgive, forgive and forgive! (and do look into making those mouse pies!!)