Good afternoon from London’s Oxford street, one of the main shopping streets with department store after department store on it!

Today as I was praying I started thinking about what kids say to their parents!

‘When I grow up….

– I’m going to be a millionaire

– I’m going to fly a helicopter

– I’m going to have 1000 cars

– I’m going to own America (perhap’s Trump’s childhood wish)’

And then

“My Daddy…..

– Is a billionaire

– Owns 25 cars

– Is so strong that he can lift a lorry’

And of course as the kids grow up they realise that none of these impressive declarations are true except in rare circumstances!

So why they do it?

Well they do it to impress their parents and friends due to insecurities and a desire to impress!

Sadly as adults we can continue the exact same attitude with God and we can make profound declarations to Him such as

‘I’m never going to

– get drunk again

– do drugs again

– have sex again

– lie again

– steal again’

and just as the parents laughs as they listen to how their 5 years old child is going to save the world, so too does God laugh!!

God knows that you will sin again! Unless He gives you an extraordinary grace of perfect holiness you are bound to trip up again!

Making big promises are very well intentioned and I’m sure make God smile but just as a parent might tell their child that they don’t need to be a millionaire to make them happy, God too is telling us that we don’t have to be saints overnight to make Him happy!

You see God is very reasonable and knows that holiness is a journey and that perfection of soul may only be reached through His grace rather than our will power!

This is why God let’s us fall over again and again so that each time He can pick us up and say ‘I love you, faults and all, you don’t have to impress me’.

Eventually we’ll come to that place of trust, of just ‘being” and then we truly will be able to tell our friends:

“My Daddy speaks all the languages in the world, knows everything, can fly, can lift 100 lorries and owns more property than all the other daddies in the world’

For our Daddy is God!