Hello all from the sophisticated american dinery where I am known to frequent on occasion! Yes, I’m in McDonald’s again!

Earlier today I met a gay guy from Pakistan. With much pain in his eyes he told me how he had to leave the country because of his sexuality. This is not uncommon and many from Nigeria and other countries find themselves in the same boat!

Our western countries are far more tolerant however they are still a long long way from loving!

Young gay people suffer the world over not to mention transgender people!

Today’s incident made me think of what my older brother said to me some years ago which could be summarised as “just accept it”.

The problem is that the human heart is neither a computer that we can just program or a light switch we can turn on and off!

It can takes years and years to fully accept things like being gay, because there is so much more to it that just one’s sexual desires!

There are very profound social consequences such as treatment by family, in the workplace and in the church and in some countries people face death!

The ongoing effects of this make it harder to accept which is why we must all try in life to help eachother accept the difficult things!

Christmas is a time when we’ll remember many people who have passed away and we wouldn’t say to someone who is sad

“Mammy is dead, just accept it”!

Working with people with addictions and very painful pasts has shown me that we need to be immensely patient with others and to ‘love them forward’ patiently even if that means listening to their story for the 125th time!

Each time they share, they are healing from another layer of emotional pain and it’s an opportunity to help them!

At times I fail at this myself and I get annoyed with myself and others and yet what good does getting annoyed do!

The french say “I can’t go quicker than the music” and how true that is for the journey of healing, acceptance and holiness!

Of course people like my older brother mean well but sadly lack the emotional and spiritual intelligence to understand what they are saying!

At times you can try explaining it to them but they are unlikely to listen! After all, they are perfect and you are broken so what could you teach them!!

Ultimately one day too they’ll come to their knees and so in the mean time we must forgive them and steer wide clear of them as much as possible!

And so to finish by a slightly impolite phrase I heard recently which conveys a powerful message in albeit a rude way!

“I might be gay but you are an asshole”

Have a great day!