Hello friends! My name is Mouse and I need your help!

Without your prayers and support this Christmas may be my last! A very dangerous killer is on the lose and my life is in danger!

You see I am an orphan! I have no family and I came to join Michael, Seamus and Toni!

I heard about all the good work that they were doing and how they pray and help those with no families!

I just want a home and to join their community of love!

But Mike doesn’t like me and now Seamus wants me dead too!

The only nice one is Toni! He is trying to save my life!

O please help me escape from these awful people!

Yesterday they had Christmas lunch and there wasn’t even a place for me at the table! As usual I had to eat leftovers!

My life is very hard dear friends and today I am going to write to the pope about these dangerous people who call themselves catholics!

I know that he likes animals.

So I am hoping that he will save me so that I may become a friar too!

I am good at eating and enjoy praying every now and then. I am convinced that I have a vocation!

I only wish Mike could see it but he’s so stubborn.

You my friends are my last hope! Please help save my life and purify the church of these evil missionaries!

He’s coming…agghhhhh!!