Good morning!

10 days to Christmas and the tensions are building up!

Seamus went on a pre-Christmas visit to Ireland this weekend! He turns 40 in a few days and his parents had no idea that he was coming!

Toni and I stayed in London, our family situations are more complicated but that’s life! We may visit Ireland in the new year God willing!

Life with Jesus is not easy and while we are blessed to have a roof over our heads, 4 months sleeping on a floor has not always been easy!

Thankfully I’m somewhat used to rough conditions!

Six months sleeping on a board in India somehow permanently adjusted my back to just about anything! The same with my feet! Walking barefoot on tarmac was hard at the start but after a while it became normal! And the same with money, having none was very hard at the start, now it has become normal!

Yet I can’t say that any of these things are comfortable or nice and when I see Toni struggling with back pains, loneliness and poverty I feel sad!

Firstly I feel sad that I can’t help him more, but then again who helps me?!

Then I feel sad that the church can’t help him more! So much money is available for projects and all sorts, what about a young sensitive guy finding his way in life giving his all for Jesus?!

And then I feel sad at people in general who don’t help!

You see we are not a recognised group or community in the church because we are gay and the catholic church doesn’t really know or hasn’t officially decided how gay people may consecrate their lives to God!

As such we are in a sort of limbo, neither recognised or condemned by the Church similar to the apparitions at Medjugorje!

Consequently we have no church funding, no accomodation provided by the church officially and we rarely if ever get invited to speak or share as there is so much fear around this area and our stories do not flatter!

It is not an easy situation to be in and yet it brings us closer to Jesus who too was largely unwanted in this world from the moment of His birth when the authorities tried to kill Him by murdering all the babies to the moment of His death when the authorities did kill Him!

So please continue your prayers for us and if you can help us in any other way please do!

We may not have a stamp from the vatican or have any official recognition but we are 3 genuine followers of Jesus doing our best to live the gospel in a radical way in these modern times!

God bless you all this Christmas