Good morning!

Yesterday I wrote about gossip and today I’m going to write about publicity!

“All publicity is good publicity” some say!

While I don’t agree with that expression it is true that even bad publicity can be turned into good publicity when we allow God to lead!

Gossip is of course bad publicity and it gets people talking ….in a way all that’s missing is the truth, usually at least some of the facts are correct!

Anyway what got me thinking about this was when yesterday I was asked by GNI magazine (Gay Northern Ireland) to share my life story!

For me this is a dream come true as it is a very popular magazine and an excellent opportunity to share about God’s unconditional love for all people!

I recall meeting bishop Hoser in Medjugorje with Seamus and Toni and when we told him we were evangelising to the gay community he cynically asked

“Would they listen to anybody?”

He pointed to the statue of Our Lady and said “women are far more beautiful, why don’t you just love women”.

To be fair he did acknowledge that God had given me a certain speaking gift and wished us well with our mission but it was a very far cry from real help!

Sadly some in the church think that gays are monsters that won’t listen to anyone…but if anybody isn’t listening it’s the church! It’s just not possible to change and stop being gay and the church has yet to accept this obvious reality!

As my story will go all over Northern Ireland I have every confidence that “they” will listen!

How many are perhaps in the middle of depression and anxiety and are struggling to find love?

How many are hurt by the church and don’t know where they belong?

I don’t have the answer but I would say many!

And so “No bishop, they will listen and I love men because God made me like this….and besides, you’re the one wearing a dress, not me 🤣🤣🤣🤣”

Have a great day and pray today for Seamus who has been a super friend since we met in Medjugorje two years ago as he celebrates his 40th birthday!