Recently in discussion the topic of homosexuality and priesthood have come up!

At the moment individuals with ‘deeply seated’ homosexuality are not supposed to be admitted to catholic seminaries…

But what on earth does this mean? Is it to do with how you sit as you speak to the bishop?!

Nope, too deep seated….


Your in buddy! Only ‘shallow seated’!!

And what about “deeply seated heterosexuals” that find it almost impossible to live celibacy….

Of course the call to the priesthood is of a divine origin anyway but how do we discern who is called by God and who is calling themselves?!!

God calls unlikely candidates always and we need only look at the 12 apostles to see that!

Many men with a homosexual orientation could make excellent priests due to their high sensitivity and gifts such as empathy!

If Jesus calls them and gives them the grace then I see no big deal or fear that somehow the devil has entered the church!

Sadly these issues still cause a lot of division and the culture of shame and silence reigns!

So if you are gay or straight and are going to meet your bishop, a word of advice, don’t slouch too deep in your chair!!

Bless you all