Good morning!

It’s a lovely morning here in London, it’s not too cold and besides a little rain it’s great!

With only a few days to Christmas some of you may be getting nervous!

Although a festive time of year, Christmas also can be a time of many arguments and fighting in families!

A useful piece of advise that I was once given about a certain difficult individual was from a priest!

“You know that you can love _____ from a distance!!”

It might seem obvious but some people are not either willing or ready to make the effort and when that happens forcing the issue will only make things worse!

Of course we should continue to pray for them but anything more might not be possible!

As christians we find ourselves in a tug of war! We are to love Jesus and we are to love our neighbour.

But when we live in a world where so many have no respect for prayer and morality we find ourselves in the tricky position of loving people and yet not compromising on our beliefs!

Often Satan offers a false peace by inviting us to compromise in our faith and beliefs so as not to annoy others!

However this is not love, it’s just emotional manipulation.

And so the secret must be to respect everybody’s free will and allow them to be them and you to be you without being compromised!

What if some don’t agree or like you?

Well in that case you may just have to love them from a distance!

Have a very blessed and prayerful preparation for Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus!