Good afternoon from London!

Yesterday my uncle arrived here in London where he will spend Christmas!

The last time I saw him was in Medjugorje where people were pleasantly surprised to see that I too have a family!

They were even nice to him there! Just shows how it’s always easier to bully the little guy!

Anyway that aside it’s really cool to have him about as he’s the only member of my family that really gets my life!

To celebrate we went for a drink and we began to talk about it all!

Wise as ever he coined the expression “a bridge too far” to describe my life and the controversy!

What do I mean?!

This little example will sum it up!

Recently someone who is gay said to a priest and good friend of mine:

“I’m so glad the catholic church allows me to live!”

Well isn’t the catholic church just great!!

But you see on a serious note up to very recently gay people faced jail and maybe even death even in some of our western and modern countries and at the time the church did very little if anything to help these people!

So the first bridge was to decriminalise homosexuality and to treat homosexuals as people rather than criminals. At the time this was very controversial!

While this bridge is now built and few disagree with it, it is still a very far cry from treating members of the LGBT community with equal dignity and respect! The bridge is incomplete!

Sadly our catholic church which should really be a lighthouse to humanity seems to have run out of oil and many boats are crashing on the rocks!

Jesus has a life-giving plan for everybody; gay or straight and He desires the church to show all people the way!

Jesus desires us to be full of life and hope and to have an abundance of life and joy that others will be drawn to!

He doesn’t just want us to survive life, He wants us to live life and He doesn’t want us walking about afraid of the devil but rather He desires us to be so filled with the Holy Spirit that the devil will be afraid of us!!

For some this is a “bridge too far”!

It’s too much! Too much love, too much acceptance, too much prayer, too much joy, too much mercy…..too much…too much….too much!!

Jesus also was considered to be too much becsuse His love is so extreme!

His love lead Him to dying on a cross, led the martyrs to be put to death…

His love is extreme, it is challenging and it is NOT comfortable!

And so as I continue to build this “bridge of love” between catholics and gays with Seamus, Toni and others it should come as no surprise that for some people it is “a bridge too far”!

Nonetheless when I’m dead and buried in a hundred years time people will see that this bridge is indeed a “bridge of love” between God and man!

Thank you to all who are helping us! To help us keep building this bridge you can pray for us and/ or contribute financially at

Have a great evening!

Michael (a bridge too far)