Happy Christmas to all of you from London!

This day of the year is a great day to thank God and eachother for all the blessings!

Just a year ago we were in Croatia and Seamus had just got out of hospital for Christmas day and Toni who had just moved in cooked his first turkey as I was grounded by a terrible migraine!

How amazing that one year later we should all be in London where we are celebrating our first Christmas!

I wish to thank everybody who has helped us and a few of you deserve a special mention!!

Marie-André, you have been an astounding example of christian love since the day we first met in Medjugorje!

Barbara, you are an example of motherhood in so many ways, unconditional love and support!

Josephine, Brendan, Thomas…..

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A special thanks to all the priests God has put on our path over the last year who have been a tower of support; the forever young father Don, fathers Keith, Paul, Richard with whom we are sharing a living space not to mention all the others who have helped us in so many ways, not least by celebrating the sacraments!

A special blessing to my mum and dad in Ireland who raised me even if they take no responsibility for how I turned out! 😂😂😂

And a thank you to everyone who has helped us in any way over the last year!

We wish you all a very, very happy Christmas and may Our Lady who took care of child Jesus take care of the little Jesus that lives in each one of us through our baptism!!

Love, peace, joy and happiness to you and to all of your families!!