Hello all!The last few days have been fun!

Even her majesty joined us for a pudding!

On a more spiritual note it has been a very enjoyable Christmas and the first one in 12 or so years that I didn’t find myself crying and upset about life, family etc!

On the contrary I had a great time and great fun and mischief!

For me it shows how God’s ways really do bring healing, happiness and family and even though it may take time, it does happen!

Your Christmas may have been far more fun than mine or maybe it was far worse but one thing is sure, if you trust in God and take it day by day next year’s will be even better!

So today I thank God for changing my life, I wish every one of you even more love and joy than I’m getting!

I thank God for all my friends and family and everyone who has made this Christmas special!

And as Edith Piaff sang!

“Non, rien de rien, je ne regrette rien”

(and even though we look totally drunk, we didn’t touch a drop of it!)

Bless u all!