Good morning!

Last night we went out to let our hair down! Pray and play!

We ended up at the “Admiral Duncan” bar where there was a very fun and lively drag show (no entry fee..check it out)!

The songs were catchy and cheesy and the queens were in flying form!

I’ve always admired drag queens for their confidence and courage!

Most of us walk around with complexes about how we look! i

Imagine the courage and confidence it takes to to drag!

I once lived with a former drag queen. We shared an apartment and he was one of the nicest and most generous and caring people I’ve met on my travels!

These ‘queens’ are far more than queens! They are extraordinarily talented human beings and many too have had extraordinarily painful lives!

I admire their courage and their ability to get everyone involved!

Even Toni enjoyed it even if he did crack at the end!

“Michael, it’s too loud, I’m going home”!!

Love you Toni!

Earlier in the day we met another set of men in robes, the carmelites!

While of course friendly and prayerful they have nowhere near the charisma of the drag queens!

It made me think! If only we could be more free and creative in the church when it comes to preaching, teaching, healing, evangelization and have the same (and more) energy, charisma and fun!

God gave us gifts such as music, song, dance …He wants us to use them for His glory!

So who knows what the future holds! Maybe I’ll learn drag and do it myself! I’m sure I’d make a pretty woman with a bit of help! I couldn’t be any worse than the famous “Mrs Brown”!

Anyway! Whatever the future holds may we be filled with the joy, creativity and freedom of being a child of God! May we be open to new ideas and new ways of bringing the love of Jesus to all!!

Our Lady, Queen of heaven, bless all queens today!!