My grandad used to say that it can be good to have a good row and afterwards to clear the air!

At times emotions build up and the inner anger could launch a rocket to the moon!

Christmas is a time when many such rockets could be launched and indeed my own life is no different!

I had a quite explosive row with my uncle last night! It generated more than enough energy to fuel his return journey to Ireland this afternoon!

Things were said on both sides and my own quick wit and sharp tongue still get me into trouble when I’m stressed!

Still I’m thanking God because it’s all part of family life!

Today is the feast of the holy family and as a friend reminded me this morning, that too was full of tensions and misunderstandings from real life!

And so today I thank God for the gift of a good row and I allow myself to be human too, accepting God’s forgiveness for the things I souldn’t have said and forgiving for the hurtful things said to me!

For now my uncle is sulking with me! It will pass!

God bless and let’s thank God for the gift of family; the good, the bad and the ugly!

Have a great day!


P.S. Please pray for my uncle Thomas who love to bits in spite of it all and that my own heart may soften too!