Hello from Notting Hill!

It’s a bit cloudy here today and so the perfect day to reflect on the last year!

A few days ago a friend sent me this picture

And so as many of us may have put on some weight over christmas and need to shed a few pounds in the new year, it makes us think; what else have we accumulated over the last year?!

Life can be hard and people difficult and so we can accumulate ‘spiritual fat’ or ‘sin’ through holding onto grudges!

Anger, hatred, jealousy, bitterness, envy are just some of the calories that pile onto our souls!

While you may not see these things like I do you can feel the effects!

Your mood goes down, energy levels drop, prayer life decreases and friendships dissolve!

The good news is that there is a solution!

A good examination of conscience with a confession and ideally an inner-healing retreat can have us back in shape in no time!

So at this year end, don’t just join a gym, join Jesus and set yourself free! You deserve it!

(hand painted by Toni)

Bless you all and thank you for all your love and support this year!

Your brother in Christ,