Good morning!

I got to bed late last night so it’s still morning in my head even if it’s 1.15!

So where was I last night you may ask?! Partying the night away in London getting drunk?!

Well besides drink not being my thing (or drugs or anything of that nature to be honest) I did spend new years in a very special way!

At our church here in Notting Hill we had a beautiful hour of eucharistic adoration followed by midnight mass!

I’m sure Cardinal Manning who used to live in our building (now deceased) would have been very happy!

Mother Theresa’s sisters of charity joined us and it was intimate, prayerful and fun!

What a beautiful way to start the new year with God in first place!

Of course after we had champagne and socialised and the hours flew by!

Not everyone has the opportunity to go to mass like this and indeed in many churches there isn’t such a mass but even so it’s not too late to consecrate this new year to the loving and guiding hand of Jesus and to His will for our lives!

And so my prayer today for this new year for both myself and others is that it may be filled with new love, new hope, new optimism, new faith, new joy, new charity, new forgiveness, new friendships, new ideas, new challenges, new healings, new gifts, new gratitude, new appreciation, new humility, new courage, new adventures, new fun, new breakthroughs, new conversions, new understanding, new life….

And on that note, I wish you all a happy NEW year!