Hello world!

Yes I’m afraid that today is day 2 of your new year’s resolution and you may already have broken it!

Personally I have never made any new year’s resolutions only that I resolved to follow Jesus for another year and to surrender all my life to Him….afterwards it’s up to Him to inspire me and challenge me to make it come true!

There are a few things I would like to improve on like doing more sport and not being late for mass!

How can we take the pain out of new years resolutions?

Simple! By either not making them or by making the right ones!

If we make the wrong one then we are adding an extra burden on ourselves, it’s another thing to do and sooner or later we’ll crack!

If we make the right one then we are unburdening ourselves and our resolution becomes life-giving!

Ok, an example!

Some people have a knee-jerk reaction of saying ‘yes’!

‘Yes, yes, yes, yes …’

They end up burnt out and exhausted!

They could decide that their new year’s resolution was to think before saying ‘yes’ and thus getting a better life balance!

Other things to give up along the same lines would be self-criticism, self-hatred and replacing them with self-acceptance and self-encouragement!

The best way of putting this into action is by learning day by day to forgive oneself….only God is perfect….and to forgive others too!

And so my suggestion for this new year is to throw ourselves wrecklessly at the mercy of Jesus every day!

Do it every morning, every evening, every lunchtime!

Do it after every argument, every sin, every disappointment and watch your new year rocket!

So Jesus, here we are; human, weak, small, vulnerable, incapable in so many ways…..We resolve this year to trust more in your goodness, in your mercy, in your strength, in your understanding, in your wisdom and together we can make this new year one to remember!

Jesus, may we see things and see ourselves in this year 2020 through your perfect 20/30 eyes of love, mercy, justice and truth!