Good morning!

Today is the feast of the name of Jesus!

Jesus is the one person in history who got to choose His mum and His own name!

While I’ve always really liked my name I’ve met some people over the years who’s parents have a lot to answer for!

The angel Gabriel (sent by God) told Mary to name the second person of the trinity ‘Jesus’!

So you could say that God named God through Mary and when we pray under the inspiration of the holy spirit, God who inspires our prayers speaks to God who will answer our prayers!

God speaks to God through us! Helas, the mystery of our freewill!

Anyway, back to the name of Jesus who’s name means ‘God saves’ which is prophetic, factual and true!

Of course Satan hates Jesus and the name of Jesus and sadly in very many cultures including my native Ireland, the name of Jesus is a curse word!

Satan hates nothing more than when we say the name of Jesus slowly and with love!

I recall when I got converted my aunt (and Godmother) was enraged! She always hated the church and I was like her adapted son!

So when I experienced Jesus she lost her head and I’ll never forget her reaction when I told her that I loved Jesus and wanted to give him my life!

Over the phone she literally screamed and cursed ”f….k off with ‘f…ing Jesus, if you say that ‘f…ing’ name again…..” before slamming the phone down! Some people lose one mother, I lost two!

It gave me my first insight into how the demonic can use human beings to express their rage when they are angry!

It also showed me the power of the name of Jesus and that He really is with us on this journey of life!

So today why not take 10 minutes and slowly repeat with love the name “Jesus”!

Turn your phone off as Satan will have no trouble getting someone to call you right in the middle of it when you are feeling settled!

Allow your breathing to slow down and welcome the presence of the Holy Spirit around you!

Some things may come to your mind like people you are angry with, tell Jesus, let it go and allow His peace to fill you!

Tell Him you love Him, entrust your problems to Him and ask Him to guide your day and life!

Say His name slowly and gently! Picture Him as that little baby if it helps your heart to connect with Him!

You might yawn or even cry as you relax, let it happen!

Remind yourself that you are His little child and that He knows you and loves you and cares for you!

Over the day when you feel fear and worry trying to creep back in, gently repeat His name!

If it helps as a reminder why not wear a bracelet or place an image or icon near your work desk which you can look at when you get stressed!

And of course, the crème de la crème would be to receive Him in mass where His love will heal and strengthen you from the inside out!

May Jesus bless your day on this wonderful feast of His name and may we all draw ever-closer to His loving and protecting heart!

May those who misuse His name come to know Him and may those who hate Him come to love Him and may my auntie Mary become a big saint and fall crazy in love with Him and His name!!