Good morning!

It’s a bit dull here in London this morning and in ten days time I’m going to Ireland!

I used to hate going to Ireland and hate even more visiting the area where I grew up!

I was so bright in school and how this mastermind went mad was a source of gossip and shame for many years!

Of course I never went mad but simply realised that true intelligence is to realise how silly and comparatively stupid we are in comparison to the God who made us!

So you could say that I was given a grace to see that as smart and all as I was academically that in fact I was stupid! How liberating!!

Society is funny! At 37 society would expect that someone like me would have an important job in a bank or something, own a few apartments, drive a cool car, have a wife and a few smart kids….

Society would not expect that I’d be a spiritual person with no interest in careers or jobs or cars or houses….

But society may not expect to find me happy either and happy I am! I must say that I absolutely love my life and what it has becoming and how it’s going!

It’s fun, meaningful, mad, exciting, eccentric, unpredictable, interesting and more!

In ten days I’ll visit Ennis in Ireland! I love Ennis!

Ennis is where Jesus healed me, Ennis is where I spent months visiting psychiatrists!

Ennis is where I made lots of friends! Ennis is where I signed on the dole and disability benefit!

Yes, I look back on that little town and smile at what I came through against the odds and on all the people who helped!

I no longer think or feel shame when I visit for who I am or what has happened in my life!

Instead I feel courage, strength and love for I know that I’ve fought battles and persevered through trials far greater than I’d have met in the finance world!

And so my message this morning is for us all!

Don’t measure success through your job or career or salary, don’t measure success through your ministry or reputation or smart thoughts…

In fact, don’t measure success at all for true success is on the inside! It doesn’t need measuring or monitoring nor does it need contrasting and comparing… just needs living!

So ask yourself today; what are you living for and perhaps like me you too will see that as intelligent and all as you are that you are actually stupid in comparison to the wisdom, intelligence and direction of God!

So don’t waste your life on the stupid things! It’s too short! Rather call on your creator and ask Him to be the managing director and business planner of your life, family and ministry and use your intelligence to cooperate with God rather than to replace God !

Bless you all today!