Good Monday morning! The Christmas season is officially over and day to day life continues!

The other day at a prayer meeting a very kind and well-wishing lady asked me about Toni….

Is it true he was born a girl?

Then…God bless him…

and then…have you told him of the abomination?!

I don’t think she was speaking of the film!

Even my uncle Thomas couldn’t get his head around Toni…”neither a boy or a girl, a bit of both, neither of any” was the product of his deep reflection and christian maturity!

Both incidences made me realise that transgender people may live a dysphoria in their bodies but that a lot of christian people live a far greater spiritual dysphoria!

Prayers and masses and rosaries and yet almost no understanding and maturity! Transpiritual!!

So what about the abomination?

Well all sin is an abomination and yet which one of us today won’t sin?

Should God burn us or is that reserved just for certain sinners like gays?

And how come Jesus Himself focused so much on religious hypocrisy in the bible rather than sex?

It is not enough for us to just meet Jesus and live good lives! Jesus asks us to go out and to spread the news and to help others!

Sadly so many including most if not all of my own family in Ireland have no interest in helping others or bringing them to Jesus!

They adapt the “it’s none of my business, they have their own family” attitude and don’t really give others a second thought!

They all but beatify themselves with their good works and self-righteous religious practices and never see their sins of pride and selfishness and countless ommissions!

They boast of having visited places like Lourdes and Medjugorge 45 times without ever thinking that Our Lord may be far happier if they stayed at home and gave the money to some poor soul who has never been and can’t afford to go!

And so as I finish I will answer the question!

Have I told Toni of the abomination?

I certainly have, I’ve told him of the abominable lack of love and charity in the catholic church and the abominable hatred, fear and judgement on people like us from so many!

Off now to buy Toni a scooter!

Keep us in your prayers as the wolves continue to howl at us and may the love, mercy and understanding of Jesus reign in all our lives and hearts this week!

Have a great week!