Good afternoon from my Samsung Galaxy phone!

In today’s society we are constantly bombarded with the idea of software protection for our mobile phones, computers, internet etc.

It’s a multi-million dollar industry and cyber-crime is astounding!

Like how can someone at the other end of the world hack into your computer or phone and potentially steal your data, read your messages and maybe even steal your money!

I don’t know how it works but somehow it works!

I will stop talking about this now less my older brother who is a cyber-crime expert should hack my blog and maybe get converted!!

However there is another type of software protection that we need too from ‘bugs’ and this one is not for our computers but for our heads!

You see demons are very like computer hackers!

1. Target a victim

2. Study the victim’s psychology

3. Find the weak spot

4. Attack

5. Spread

People forget that demons are intelligent beings with centuries of demonic training and practise behind their belts!

In comparison we are like an old lady using a computer for the first time versus a computer genius!

Yet if that old lady was to get the proper anti-virus protection on her PC she’d be perfectly protected and the same is true spiritually!

To be protected from the demonic we really don’t need to know that much about them! We simply need to know their weak spot and hit them with it!

So what is their weak spot?!

Do you need a PHD in theology? Might be useful but no!

Do you need to spend thousands alarming your house? Nope! They are spiritual beings!

Do you need to hide in an underground bunker in case they get you? Nope!

What about living in the church afraid to go outside?!! Still no!

Of course not! You wouldn’t accept any of those solutions for your computer so why would you accept them for your life?!

So what is the answer?!

The answer is prayer and the spiritual protection it gives!

Consecrate your life to Jesus = buying a lifetime subscription of the best antiviral software!

Getting hacked?! A good de-bugging session (examination of conscience) with some reprogramming (spiritual direction) and a reboot (confession) should have you cleared out in no time!

Of course hackers are always trying new ways to break though and so are demons so we must be on guard constantly through daily prayer and daily mass for those of us in deeper!!

And of course the sometimes the best cyber-protection experts are former hackers turned good and the same can be true of us too!

Some of us know a lot about the traps of life from our own pasts and God can make great use of this knowledge to help others and to protect them from potential danger!

So as you read this from your pc or phone or whatever, ask yourself the simple question… your spiritual protection up to date?!

And if not, download for free by putting prayer at the centre of your life! His name is Jesus!

Bless you all!