Good morning!

Yesterday a certain gentleman hit me with the question: are you sure that you are on the right path?

With a smile I responded YES!

Before I would have hesitated thinking that the humble thing would be to say “I think so”!

But ‘are you sure’ leaves no room for doubt and considering all the doubts I used to have, it was liberating to reply “yes”!

The problem however was that this man found my certaintity disturbing as if I’d just canonised myself!

I asked him the same question “are you sure?” and as he blushed he said that he wasn’t!

He went on to tell me that as a human being he is limited and that he could make a mistake as he’s not perfect!

But since when do we have to be perfect to be sure?!

You see my certaintity doesn’t come from my perfection because I’m 100% aware of my imperfections!

Neither does my certainty come from any divine infallibility! I know that I make mistakes!

So where then does it come from?

It comes from my trust in the mercy of Jesus which towers above my human limits and mistakes!

So what’s my message today?!

To trust!

The church and world need strong christians with strong faith!

Strong faith is a gift, it’s not pride! Yes it might disturb some but God allows that to show them that doubting is not a virtue nor is timidity or fear!

So may we all today trust whole-heartedly in God’s mercy and boldly and confidently proclaim the certain hope that we have in Jesus!

Have a good one!