Good morning from the London underground!

I’m on my way to a morning mass followed by a prayer procession to an abortion clinic. It’s run by the Franciscan friars of the renewal!

As I go I can’t but ponder on the terrible irony around the whole world of babies and sex!

There are thousands of women desperate to conceive and spending millions on fertility methods while there are thousands more desperate not to conceive spending millions on contraception!

There are millions without children and would die for one child while there are just as many that conceive children and kill them off as they don’t want them!

Some are trying to get pregnant for years, others get pregnant accidentally in 5 minutes!

I could go on but there is something similar to this and to the situation with world hunger! There is enough food in the world but the problem is in the distribution of food!

Of course God understands that it’s easy to get pregnant in today’s very sexual society and that people don’t always have the ability to look after the babies so I suppose like everything else we have to be prayerful and practical!

The reality is that when faced when an unwanted pregnancy there is no easy way out!

Keeping the baby is obviously very hard and even harder if health is poor or money scarce.

Abortion gets rid of the practical issues and leaves its own invisible mark’s of guilt, shame and questioning !

So as I attend this morning’s mass my prayer is for mercy and compassion for all.

I pray for the women in these situations and I pray for the little babies. I also pray for the doctors and nurses involved.

May the light of God fill each one of us today with a greater appreciation of the gift and dignity of human life, starting with our own. May we be filled with gratitude to God and to our parents for at least having us and giving us a chance to discover what life is all about and may we spread our love for God and life mercifully and abundantly on each and every soul that we meet today!

Jesus, we trust in you!