Good Sunday morning!

I hope all is great, if not there is coffee!

After my excursion yesterday (prayer outside an abortion clinic) I left with mixed emotions.

There was about 20 of us and most over 50 and after mass we walked to the clinic with a giant image of Our Lady.

Looking around for someone young and fit to carry her, I was on the front line!

We walked slowly to the building praying the rosary. The walk took about a mile.

Upon arrival at our destination I at least was struck by the derelict appearance of the house/ clinic. The old red brick house had seen better days and looked in need of some love.

We stood in front of the building while one of the older men who seemed to think he was in a war hurdled a few bombs (rosary beads) over the trenches onto the tree and carpark of enemy grounds!!

Slowly some cars arrived, one every 5 minutes and usually 2 people got out. Usually 2 girls, sometimes a guy and a girl.

Our group proceeded to pray. On one occasion we were singing ‘amazing grace’ as one of the girls arrived.

I tried to put myself in her position, a child of God too. Did she feel judged by us and was our group attractive to her?!

As I looked around I thought of my friend Paul’s words which he shared to me only a few days ago….to bring people to Jesus through attraction rather than promotion.

So I asked myself the question, was our group attractive. How would a young girl perceive s group of middle aged men and women staring at her and praying?

Would she feel that she could come out and talk to us?

Would she feel that if she did keep the baby that we could be her new family?!

I couldn’t help but feel that we ticked none of those boxes and we probably resembled something out of the Adam’s family.

As I left I went away troubled. Troubled for the girls, the babies and the church.

I couldn’t help but feel a similar parallel to the gay scene where so many gay people feel misunderstood by church people and as I reflect today I keep getting those words ‘attraction not promotion’ echoing in my ear!

We need to be loving, kind, patient, gentle merciful. We need to be understanding, prayerful, practical and helpful.

We need to be full of the love and joy of the Holy Spirit so people will be drawn to us and want what we have….

And for this we need to bring Jesus our own hearts, our own lives, our own fears so that He may transform us into such people.

It’s not enough to preach religion to people, like mother Theresa we must be practical too and we need more and more homes of love and care.

We need to be the lights to the world, the lights of truth and of mercy.

And so today my prayer is for us all! For the babies, for the mothers, for the church, for all….that we may be full of the love and compassion of Jesus and draw people to Him by attraction!

Lord Jesus, bless those girls today that they may know that your merciful heart still loves them even if they did go through with yesterday’s procedure and may Our Lady welcome those little babies to heaven.

Have an attractive day!