Good morning!

As another week begins I give thanks to God for the last one and all the opportunities God is giving us to share our stories of love and hope all over London and beyond!

Since coming here some 6 or more months ago we have certainly managed to mingle among a wide range of catholic and gay circles and open up dialogue in the whole ‘gay and catholic ‘ dilemma!

From our home church at Notting Hill to the Carmelites in Kensington to the friars in Canning town to St Patrick’s in Soho we are familiar faces!

And that’s not counting the numerous prayer meetings we attend such as pure at heart, bible study…

This weekend Seamus went to Ramsgate for an inner-healing retreat with the Divine Mercy Centre. I know the order from my time in India and once again more opportunities opened up to reach out and share!

As my blog grows in popularity I get readers from all over the world and if course this month my story will appear in a magazine for the gay community in Northern Ireland!

Last night I attended a mass and social after where LGBT Catholics are welcomed! I hadn’t been there for some months and so I was pleasantly surprised that people remember me!

It made me realise how important community and acceptance are for our lives at every dimension. We are social beings!

Sadly around the world some still suffer from terrible shame and isolation from friends and families due to their sexualities which is why it is so important to give people hope and to welcome them into a new family, the family of God!

Jesus said that it is by our love for one another that we will be known and so this week, like any other week we have a new and fresh opportunity to love one another!

We can do this in so many different ways! From reaching out to sharing our time and resources with those less fortunate to praying!

And so this week I pray that I can forget more about myself and that God may use me more to bring love and hope to everyone I meet and everyone who reads or hears about me!

May the name of Jesus be lifted higher!

Have a wonderful week and may your life and hope too be a gift to the world, to the church and to others.