Good morning!

It’s Tuesday and in 2 days time I’ll be boarding a plane to my home land Ireland!

Thank God for Ryanair, 2 return flights for £53 is amazing value! Hopefully we’ll do a little bit of sightseeing. The cliffs of Moher etc.

This part of the country (county Clare) is quite famous for tourism and irish music and there is nothing like travelling with a foreigner to see things from a fresh perspective!

These opportunities are also a chance to give thanks to God and this morning made me reflect on the personal nature of God!

God knows each one of us personally and has a plan for our lives which will bring us fulfillment and joy! He made us out of love to love for love!! That’s a lot of love right!!

He wants to be our guide, our mentor, our teacher, our healer!

When I think of the money I’ve saved over the years from following God I laugh! I could have spent millions on life coaching and personal development with gurus while instead I didn’t spend a penny sitting at Jesus’ feet!

At times how sad God must be when we ignore him and do things our way. How sad He must be when He sees millions of people who don’t know Him and don’t know how to pray. To God, not praying is like losing your smartphone and finding yourself totally disconnected from others!

How even more sad God must be when people don’t pray properly and despite years of prayers have never really listened to God and allowed Him to direct their lives the way He’d like to!

And so how happy therefore God must be when we abandon our lives and plans to Him fully and we allow Him to guide us in every aspect of our lives from the most silly things to life’s big decisions!

Of course this is what God wants to do but it takes time to learn how to pray and how to listen!

Yet over time you get used to it and it can become totally normal. It’s an investment into your life, your future and your eternity!!

So as I prepare for my little trip to the green country I give thanks to Jesus for where it all begun and I pray that God may use me to teach and show more and more people how to pray and how to hear God’s plan for their lives!

John 10:10

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

Bless your day and bless Ireland’s county Clare!