Hello from Ireland!

It’s cold and raining and nothing much has changed about town!

We had a long day of travelling yesterday for what was a relatively short distance…up at 5, uber-taxi to Paddington Station, bus to Stansted, flight to Shannon, bus to Ennis….

Anyway we got here safe and sound and my friend Padraig was the perfect host!

And so yesterday evening we went to the Ennis friary where there was a Padre Pio healing Mass!

The people of Ireland have great devotion and belief in Padre Pio (the Catholics that is)!

The first time I witnessed a mini-miracle from Padre Pio was when my mum lost her false tooth at the beach!

It fell out of her mouth and the tide swept it away! She came back to the picnic spot sad and upset and prayed to Padre Pio and went to look for it despite everyone laughing at the idea of her finding it!

10 minutes later she arrived triumphantly like a cat after catching a mouse!

And so it was fitting that when I got sick I prayed to Pio!

My first burnout was scary and I read all sort of things that suggested that I’d never recover and so I prayed to Pio to help me. I was in the friary where I was last night and in front of that same image!

It wasn’t for another 2 years that I experienced Jesus so either Pio had a long waiting list or God had a bigger plan!

Naturally when prayer isn’t answered in 5 minutes we forget about it and label it as ‘a waste but worth a try’.

Little do we know that every prayer gets answered but often not in the way we’d like or in the timing we’d like (ie: immediately).

And so here I am having my morning coffee in the same corner where I sat with my mum those 14 years ago after my one of many doctors visits!

Little did I know that one day I’d be sitting writing about it all and free of visiting doctors appointments and of tablets that didn’t work!

So what can I conclude?

My conclusion is that Padre Pio heard that prayer all those years ago and despite not answering it as quickly as he did for my mum’s tooth, he did answer it!

Here is the prayer that is in the friary in front of the sculpture of Pio’s head!

I’ve prayed it 100 times over the years for myself and for others!

This morning I invite you to pray it with me! If he answered me he’ll answer you too!

Thank you Padre Pio for the millions of graces that you have obtained for me and for others long before I even believed in you!

Have a great day!