Good morning from Ennis where the craic is mighty (craic being the irish word for fun and not drugs!!)

Ever noticed when you go back to your home town that if feels smaller?!

Ennis which felt like a big city to me as a child feels so small and yet is a refreshing contrast to living in London where I’m lost!

As I sat having a tea yesterday in the familiar Dunnes shopping centre, a familiar woman walked by! I’d seen her before, recognized her instantaneously, she’s my mum!

Another minute or two passed by and my dad spotted me!

My mum had been too busy shopping to spot me but my dad who rather like myself at this stage has no interest in shopping (as he has to pay for it!!) spotted me immediately!

So over he came and it was really good to see him and even more amusing as it was all unplanned! Of course God can plan things better than we ever could!

So my dad calls my mum and mum’s being more practical gave Toni and I €50 for food!!

It hit me the complementarity between the two of them and how they both love me in their own way!

I suppose it’s all the healing I’ve got myself over the years but it was like old times and I guess those deep parts of my soul have accepted that they don’t need to understand me to love me nor do I even need to understand myself fully for that matter!

And so after a big feed of lasagne (on a Friday!!) I was ready to meet my other friends!

Of course I visited my best friend before all that. He lives in a small chapel beside the cathedral and we had a good chat after I ate His body in mass beforehand!

What a friend we have in Jesus and how real He is!

So I skipped about town visiting all my old haunts! The poor Claire’s, the Franciscan’s, the coffee shop, the cathedral, the pub!

It’s always fun to have such a mix of friends and I’ve never been one to be contained in church circles where eternity can seem short when the rosaries start!

Quality over quantity I say and God seems to agree as He leads me on!

And so here I am this morning thanking Jesus from the bottom of my heart for the gift of life, for the gift of family and for the gift of friends and strangers!

Life is beautiful, life is a gift and life is to be lived to the full to give glory to Jesus our saviour who crushed death and calls us to newness of life and love every day!

Bless you all and never ever give up on your dreams or limit God’s power to transform your life!