Good morning from Antarctica where it’s freezing cold!

Yesterday we visited the very famous cliffs of moher!

Stunning beauty…and the cliffs aren’t bad either!

Sadly The cliffs are very famous for 2 reasons! One being their beauty and two being for committing suicide!

Every year many people jump off while accidental deaths are not uncommon too with people going too close to the edge to take pictures and then falling in!

(farewell Toni!!)

But on a serious note it does call us to praying and reaching out to those on the edge sort of speak.

As you visit the cliffs and ponder this you can’t be but shocked by the desperation that could take over a person to do such a thing.

Falling from such a height to be crushed more than likely with the rocks before drowning if you weren’t dead already.

My friend Padraig told me about a lady who did it not so long ago and she was afraid of heights!

I can only imagine her agony as she crawled over and I’m 100 % sure God’s mercy surrounded her.

And so as Harry and Megan have now to get a job..

So too do a lot of people today find themselves in very difficult situations and need help.

Some are recovering addicts still struggling with their demons, others have lost someone and can’t get over it, others are burnt out from working…..the list goes on.

And so today please spare a prayer for all those people struggling with suicide. Reach out, share hope and love and remind them that they are loved by God!

Jesus saved these 2 guys from suicide..let’s help Him save more!