Happy Monday morning from Ireland which could be renamed Iceland at the moment!

Yesterday I went out to visit my parents and 3 of my siblings were there. I guess it’s been about 3 years since I saw 2 of them and they are all doing well!

My mum is a great cook and on Sunday’s we have lamb! That said as I child that didn’t impress me much!!

Toni who already visited before went straight for the cats! He loves animals, I don’t have that charism…I find angels far less hard work, more intelligent and less expensive!!

It was nice to spend a few hours with them all and catch up!

This morning I was thinking. When I was an actuary my parents didn’t know much about it other than it was a specialised job in insurance, in some ways it’s the same now! They know I do something that helps others and that it’s connected to the church and prayer but they don’t understand the details!

How much time I have wasted over the years trying to explain to them what ultimately they’ll never understand and what they don’t even need to understand!

How often do we put understanding in front of love and charity and our pride in front of Jesus’ humility!

And so today is Monday and I’ve just got today and tomorrow left!

I’m very grateful to God for the few days and to life for growing me so much!

I will meet a few more friends over the day and of course spend time in prayer where ‘the Boss’ will instruct me!!

Thank you all for your prayers and let’s remember today that only God understands us fully and that’s why He invites us to prayer every day where He can fill our hearts with His love and guidance and friendship!

Jesus, help us to pray and to expect less from others and more from you!

Bless you all