Last day here in Ennis where the temperatures have gone up that little bit more!

Toni made a new friend last night in the form of my cousin’s dog!

While I’ve been busy catching up with old friends and family!

Yesterday I met Josephine and Gerry! They were my teachers when I was a young boy in primary school and I couldn’t but smile at the circle of life and how things evolve!

In some ways education was what drove me away from my faith and down the road of careers, but on the other hand education is also what brought me right back to my faith too and so I thought it to be an amazing blessing to be there with Josephine and Gerry talking about my life and the full circle it’s put me through!

I was no angel in school which won’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows me now but I was a curious sort and it was my quest for truth and meaning that brought me to God!

These people were there when I made my first holy communion and confirmation and all of that meant very little to me and yet seeds were obviously sown that somehow made the foundation for my conversion.

You see I never questioned God existing or God being good and I think that was due to all these very honest reliable people that surrounded my childhood!

Never in a million years would I have thought that I’d be back in this area talking about God…the joke is certainly on me but so is the blessing!

On one hand my life went very wrong very early but on the other it means that I’ve been given a headstart and that’s very humbling! I could still be in Dublin now working as an actuary with no real understanding of what it’s all about popping into church at Christmas and Easter!

And so this morning I reflect on the full circle of life and how God really does bring good out of what seem like the worst things.

I thank God for all the teachers I had and the protected and safe childhood he gave me and I pray that more and more people of my age and younger will find their way back to the truth of faith and spirituality and the merciful heart of Jesus’ who is thirsting to bless and guide each and every one of them!

Thank you Co. Clare!!