Good morning!

Back in London and all is great! I’m on cooking duty tonight which stretches my abilities beyond frying eggs and toast!

After my trip to Ireland which was a roaring success an angry person scorned my mum!

“What sort of mother are you to rear a son like that?!”

Of course this sort of accusation comes from Satan who can’t stand to see families reconciling!

It got me thinking! What did local people say about Our Lady and how she reared Jesus?!

What sort of a mother didn’t teach her son to behave himself properly and to obey all the Jewish customs etc.

And as Jesus was dying on the cross, how many maybe scorned at her, mother of a criminal/ madman!

So it isn’t really surprising that if we choose to follow Jesus that we too will be insulted and so will our families as Satan does his best to divide!

My mum wasn’t perfect but she reared 6 kids and gave us all the opportunity to get educated and go to college. She was a very prayerful person and taught us from an early age to think for ourselves and to put God before our careers!

Certainly at the time we didn’t necessarily listen but the foundations were set for later when life got hard!

And so this morning as I ponder on this question with a confident and proud smile I answer it!

“My mum!!”

Yes she reared me, she thought me to think for myself and though we both went through very tough times both emotionally and spirituality we never gave up and came out the other end!

And so today I thank God for the gift of my mum and dad, I smile about the misunderstandings when my life changed and I pray that God will bless them abundantly today!

May the lord keep us humble and may we serve Him in truth, in word and in deed! May He protect us from all evil, jealousy and bitterness and may He fill our souls with love, joy and peace!

Bless you all and bless your mothers!