. ..without you!

Yes, the kingdom of heaven is incomplete without you!

Good morning!

Yesterday I spoke with a priest at London’s Westminster Cathedral and this is what he said!

He said it with love, simplicity and complete faith!

As I left I thought about how we all need to know and believe this!

We can spend so much time putting ourselves down and focused on our problems that we can forget that we are precious to God!

We may have lots of character faults and be a far cry from the perfection of the saints and our lives may be a right mess and yet God’s Kingdom is not complete without us!!

We are loved and we are cared for by a loving and patient God who understands our every need and who is for us and not against us!

Today, take a moment and remind yourself

“the Kingdom of God is incomplete without me”

And then take a look around and remind yourself that the Kingdom of God is equally incomplete without everybody around you! Yes, even the ones you don’t like!!

Many people have no idea how special they are to God and this void can make them grumpy and irritable and sometimes plain horrible!

Yet, with a grace of love this could all change and so today let’s say a special prayer for those we find the most difficult to love!

It’s probably best not to go up to them and shout

“Hey, the Kingdom of heaven is incomplete without you”

But a silent prayer from your heart will be equally audible to God and far more effective!!

Here is one I suggest! (Tap on the picture to see the text more clearly)

God bless you all today with love, blessings and supernatural joy!