Good morning!

It’s Monday and the start of another week and what better way to start than to trust even more in God!

Many times we feel that God is like a cunning master, luring his innocent children like mice to the bait!

The bait is all these Christian sayings…

God is love
He knows what’s best
He wants you to be happy
Forgive everyone…

Yet so often we smell a rat, a dead one and it’s us!!

And yet Jesus is merciful. He knows that love has hurt us 100 times before! Friends have let us down, parents have disappointed us, we’ve had bad experiences with colleagues at work.

And for some it’s been even more severe; a spouse commit suicide, very painful divorces, unexpected deaths and illnesses of those we loved so much….

Each time our hearts can get hurt and close and we can come to a place of protection and isolation where we are afraid to love again!

We then hear of God’s love and our inner wounds rise up and say ‘danger, don’t trust, it’ll be the same as all your previous experiences”!!

We walk about with heavy armour which protects our hearts but which also blocks them from loving or receiving love!

Of course the truth that our hearts need convincing of is that God is in fact good! That his love is not a trap but an opportunity for true freedom and happiness!

Yet Jesus is very patient with us and He knows that we can’t force ourselves to trust Him perfectly overnight because our wounds and past life experiences take time to heal!

And this is why every day He calls us to continue trusting as best we can even when we feel that we are making no progress!

It is also why He invites us to forgiving ourselves and others for the times we’ve been hurt in love so that we can move on with life and make space for the greatest love of all, God’s!!

And so at the start of this new week Jesus calls us all to trusting! Trusting in His goodness, trusting in His healing power, trusting in His forgiveness, trusting in His plans for our futures…..

Through the church, through prayer and through special places of grace such as Medjugorje Jesus can transform our hearts and lives and give us the inner joy and freedom that we are all made for!

So yea! Let’s trust even more this week and be lights to the world of love, hope and joy!

Have a week floating on trust and give Jesus all your wounds and fears!