Good morning!

This morning I am particularly happy as my testimony was published and available to read!

To be perfectly honest I never thought that they’d publish it!!

I assumed that after reading the word “Jesus” that there was no way a secular magazine would actually publish it!

And yet how wrong was I and not only did they publish everything I wrote without editing, they also published the picture of me at the blue cross in Medjugorje!

Bearing in mind that 2 days ago Our Lady appeared here!

And isn’t it fitting that Mammy who calls us to be apostles of love would get on this magazine!!

For some of course it’s blasphemous to think that Our Lady should do such a thing but those should remember that she is a mother to all and especially to those who have been wounded!

Many hours I cried at the blue cross in Medjugorje and many times I begged God that He’d use my tears to give hope to others!

Little did I know I’d have a 3 page spread on GNI magazine!

Much thanks is also due to Seamus who I met in Medjugorje and with whom I prayed so many times there!

It was at the blue cross that we got the inspiration to go evangelising, it was to the blue cross we went the day they called the police to chase us out of Medjugorje, it was to the blue cross we went every month as we travelled to the apparitions from Split where we were living!

It is to the blue cross we brought Toni after his conversion as we introduced him to his mother!

And so today I’m overjoyed that the blue cross of Medjugorje with that little statue that so many of us have hugged and kissed and prayed before should appear on this publication!

So many people all over the world are not bad people, they just haven’t experienced God’s love yet and this is particularly true in the gay community!

My prayer today is that abundant graces from Medjugorje will fall on all and everybody who reads the article and sees the photo!

I am also extremely grateful for the guys at GNI magazine for approaching me and for publishing everything that I wrote without editing it or de-christianing it!

It just shows how cynical I was and even after all these years how I too can be judgemental and quick to jump to conclusions!

So Our Lady of Medjugorje, pray for us all today that we may love Jesus and love one another and bring healing, hope, light, peace and truth to the world!

If you wish to read the full article; follow the link and skip to page 76 less you fall into temptation!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚