Good morning!

Last night I attended a prayer meeting dedicated to Our Lady of Medjugorje!

Of course it’s really dedicated to Jesus as the job of Mary is to bring us to Jesus  but you get my drift!

There was a wonderful testimony from a duo from Ireland, Catherine & Darren (mum and son)!

Catherine shared her own testimony of Medjugorje from going there and hating every second of it and the religious nuts to being touched by Our Lady on the mountain and coming back for months and now years!!

So many people experience the same thing! At a first glance it seems like a little town full of religious crackpots and yet dig a little deeper and participate in the prayer sessions, stroll on the mountains and listen to the stories of others and what they have received and you won’t be disappointed!

The very air there breathes spirituality and it’s not uncommon for people to spontaneously erupt crying as they are touched by the love of God and healed from emotional, spiritual and even physical ailments!

It’s a place that I know well and at this stage it’s a place where I’m known too!!

Last night I met Catherine and Darren!

“Michael, Michael, that’s Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael”

He was so excited! Darren is a little angel who received a major touch of Our Lady at Medjugorje and miraculously began to walk after being confined to a wheelchair shortly after participating at an apparition at the blue cross!

But perhaps Darren’s greatest miracle is not walking but is loving and Catherine’s too!

Catherine and Darren emulate the love and bond of Jesus and Mary and they are a most beautiful witness to love, to life and to joy!

I first got to know them when I lived in Medjugorje about 3 years ago! Darren likes motorbikes and cars and after getting him a toy car we became good friends!

Catherine is great fun and easy to talk to and so the rest flowed! We all shared many a meal at Viktor’s restaurant!

But last night was made all the more special for me after speaking with my own mum!

She had read my article on the magazine and I wasn’t sure how she’d react!

She was overwhelmingly positive and told me how proud she is of me and how wonderful it is to bring spirituality to the LGBT world!

I was so proud of her! From the pain and shame and fear of 12 years ago to now being proud of me, my heart leaped for joy and some day I said I will share my testimony on stage with my mum beside me just like Catherine and Darren!

And so I thank Our Lady of Medjugorje for this miracle! I know that family is very important to Our Lady and every day at every mass I prayed for my family when I was there!

And so this morning I invite you to consider a pilgrimage to Medjugorje!

Don’t be afraid, it’s not all prayers and rosaries! There are mountain walks, excursions to visit nearby sites, good food, swimming pools and if it all gets too much the city of Mostar is only 40 minutes by local bus!!

So guys whether you are catholic for 100 years or whether you are an atheist, whether you are black or white or gay or straight, you are welcome to Medjugorje where heaven meets earth and where supernatural graces are flowing like a river!

Thank you heavenly Father for the wonderful gift of Medjugorje and for all the wonderful graces being poured out there!

Peace to all!

God bless Catherine and Darren, love you guys!


Ps. If you are interested in coming to Medjugorje drop me a line. There is a pilgrimage going from London on 31st of July for the youth festival and it’s going to be out of this world!