Good morning and yes, only 4 days left till the weekend! Every Monday I thank God that I no longer live like that and don’t worry, for those of you that still do there is hope!

As per usual my weekend was split between the gay scene and the church scene with a couple of over-lapping events!

Saturday night I was at a drag show which comparitively speaking made Graham Norton look like an alter server!

While some of it was fun, some was more crude and rude than I’ve previously been exposed to!

I honestly asked Jesus ‘what the hell am I doing here’ and then a very emotional song came on that made me cry as the innocence of my childhood flooded back!

Country Roads….

Then I felt Jesus remind me that the drag queen is his child too!

That said I wasn’t unhappy when it was time to go! I’m quite sensitive to crowds and my limit was reached!

Sunday morning began also in Soho where I was very kindly asked to give a talk on evangelisation to catholic young adults group after mass!

I was determined to make it about prayer and Jesus and growing spiritually rather than a talk on being catholic and gay!

I think I succeeded as I got a number of questions afterwards about inner healing and how to hear God’s voice and the gay topic was barely mentioned!!

The full English breakfast went down a treat afterwards before I went to the Westminster LGBT friendly mass!

As I reflect on the weekend I see that bit by bit walls are coming down and doors are opening!

It’s important I feel that ‘gay Catholics’ do not see themselves uniquely through this lens but that they just see themselves as ‘Catholics who happen to be gay’!

And similarly that ‘straight Catholics’ should not boast of their heterosexuality as a sign of true catholic authenticity but simply see themselves as ‘Catholics who happen to be straight’!

From thos springboard we all start on a level playing field and we can all come to Jesus for help, healing, direction and support for our lives without feeling rejected or cornered in any way!

And so as another week begins I pray that there will be more opportunities for me to share about the love and mercy of our amazing God in both church and non-church circles!

Thank you to every one of you who has prayed for us and supported us in any other way!

May Jesus bless your lives and weeks and may we sing and smile as a testimony to His love and mercy!

Bless you all abundantly!