Good morning folks!

Last night I went to St. Patrick’s in Soho with Toni! We have been attending a very good bible study for the last few months based on Jeff Cavin’s approach and a gifted Italian teacher named Mauro!

This is definitely to be recommended as the bible can be difficult to grasp and the old testament quite complex!

As Toni was feeling a little unwell we left that bit early and as I unlocked my new Mercedes Benz and placed the key in my pocket a police unit suspected me to be a local drug dealer!

So there I was beside St. Patrick’s detained for a drugs search!

I always find these type of situations funny because I’ve always been innocent and I try not to laugh or joke too much!

They were quite aggressive which doesn’t help when you’ve done nothing wrong and yet it’s part of their job I guess!

Out came my drugs in the form of a rosary beads which was sort of funny (at least for me!!).

My drug is love I thought!

Apologetically they let me go and explained that they had arrested 2 people in the same place over the last week!

It’s funny at times how people often seem to pick on me I thought! I’ve never taken a drug in my life while Seamus used to be a walking pharmacy and Toni wasn’t far behind and yet I’m the target!!

Of course I’ve had a lifetime of being judged and falsely accused so I’ve learnt to turn the other cheek and to see the funny side but that doesn’t make it right!

False accusations at times can stick and at times those who falsely spread the accusations are not like last night’s police officer who apologised and smiled!

If you have spread false accusations about another person, it is not enough to go to confession, you should and must undo the damage by retracting the accusations and by restoring the good name of the person in question.

It is even a commandment!

If you have slandered, judged, lied or gossipped about another person or their ministry this is not to be taken lightly and you must humbly ask for forgiveness!

Our church at these current times is far too full of accusations and division than love and charity and we must not add to it!

Please pray for me and my ministry and that those who previously destroyed my reputation may restore it so that this ministry to the LGBT community and church may flourish!

If anyone is in a position to give us financial support we would also be extremely grateful as things are tight and one of our regular supporters has had some unexpected expenses and may no longer be able to help us!

Our Lady of Medjugorje, pray for us!