I was about 12 years old and my mother wanted to go to Knock (Ireland’s version of Lourdes).

I sat bored out of my tree in the apparition chapel (glass building on left) as my mother and father attended what seemed like a never-ending conference by some nun called Briege McKenna.

Apparently she had a healing gift or something! Unimpressed I waited alone in the healing chapel and looking at Our Lady asked her for some sort of a sign! I got none which added even more weight to the niggling suspicion that I was invisible and unimportant in her eyes!

After all I’d grown up in a tiny village in rural Ireland and even there our family were of no importance!

Years later I read about Briege. A nun crippled with arthritis who was miraculously healed by Jesus at a charismatic conference after which she received a gift of healing!

I’d recommend this book to anybody as it’s very funny, very witty and yes, very Irish!

But thanks to hearing about Briege as a child (thanks Mammy!!), when my life went wrong I remembered and that gave me the tiny mustard seed of faith to believe against the odds that I could be healed!

You know the rest and now I’m the one ranting and raving about Jesus and healing and my poor old mum the one who is largely unimpressed!!!

At times we need reminding that Jesus still heals and that His love and care is more than a positive thought from the heavens!

Jesus cares so much that He has placed many healing ministries in the church and has given many individuals gifts of healing and miracles to heal and to help others!

One of such people is Damian Stayne who has been in the healing ministry for many many years!

Of course there are heaps of people with different gifts from inner and spiritual healing to deliverance to physical healing etc.

They all work together in any case for the glory of God and also as an excellent means of evangelisation and a counter-testimony to atheism and rationalism!

Ok! So where are these people? Where do the miracles happen?

I’m glad you asked!

On February 22nd one such event starts in London.


Anybody can go from catholic to a total atheist so if you are in the area why not give it a go!

Of course there are many other events around the place too and people with these special charisms to bring us freedom and healing!

Jesus just asks you to believe! Even if your belief is mixed with lots of doubts, that’s ok! It’s better than nothing!

And so my message today is simple! Miracles do happen and keep an open mind and they may very well happen to you and through you!!!

Have a miraculous day!