Good morning!

This day 2 years ago Seamus and I left Medjugorje and travelled to Split in Croatia where we lived for one year!

We arrived with nothing and how things unfolded were truly short of miraculous!

What we didn’t know is that 9 months into our journey that our little duo would become a trio and a young man from Croatia would join us and give his life to following Jesus!

Today is not only the feast of Saint Valentine you see! It is also the feast of 2 great missionaries Cyril and Methodius who were great evangelists!

But perhaps they could team up sort of speak with St Valentine and help people to find the greatest and most passionate romantic of all, God!

At times we can think that God is a bit of a kill-joy or a spoil-sport especially if we have grown up in very conservative families like I did!

But let’s remember that God Himself was the first match-maker of all when seeing that “it wasn’t good for man to be alone” made woman!

God delighted in Adam and Eve and in their love for one another and how many other marriages down through the ages has He ‘arranged’ and delighted in!

(Saint Therese parents….smile guys!!).

Of course God himself doesn’t want to be forgotten and that is why we need Him as our first love!

At times we hear of romantic stories of how a husband saved His wife be heroically sacrificing himself or indeed the other way around and yet this is only pale shade of grey in comparison to the sacrifice Jesus made for us all!

To think that He died because He loves you that much is astounding and to think that He is still alive and with you spiritually even more so!

To Him you are worth it! He loves you that much and He desires to pour out His mystical and spiritual love on you through prayer and especially through receiving His body in mass where He literally infuses His being into yours and absorbs you into a love and way of life that would leave poor old Saint Valentine unemployed!

Nonetheless God knows that we are not angels and that we are called not only to loving Him but to loving one another and this is why He desires to teach us how to love that special person in a special way!

Many people today are lost in love. Some are still single and have all but given up on love and happiness. Others are in very unhappy marriages and see no way out.

As they walk about today their hearts are hurting at how their dreams have turned to nightmares. As they see happy couples they wonder inside ‘what’s wrong with me?’ and a tear rolls down their face!

But to these people Jesus looks and He says:

“Hey you”

“Yes you, you with the broken marriage and a list of sins as long as pinnocio’s nose, I choose you today!”

“I see the deepest longing of your heart, I see the reason behind all your mistakes, I see your pain ….come to me today and let me be your valentine!”

“Call into me in the church, talk to me, even if you don’t see me I am there. I love you, I wipe your tears, I can transform your life”!

To others Jesus says:

“Forgive, I know that you have been hurt and betrayed, give me the hurt and the pain and I will help you to move on. I have a plan, a wonderful plan for your future even if you don’t see it.”

And if you are in the category where your life is perfect with the perfect partner then we all hate you!!!😘😘😂😂

Just kidding, of course we don’t but may I encourage you to give thanks to God and to say a short prayer for others who have yet to find the same happiness!

And so as I conclude I look forward to spending as much time as possible today with Jesus and with my friends and I pray that His supernatural love will heal every hurt and broken heart and bring each one of us into the heartfelt joy of being a child of God!

Love and blessings to you all!