What a title for a blog right? Is this guy catholic at all? I can already hear the mutterings!

But hold it a second, deep breaths, count to 10….it’s not me that came up with it!!!

Perhaps like me initially you struggle to see the words ‘blessed’ and ‘queer’ in the same sentence as if some how all things gay are suddenly to be blessed!

But as a priest recently commented; if army tanks being sent off to war can be blessed and if animals and houses and cars can be blessed….then why can’t gays be blessed?!

Anyone that grew up outwardly gay will have been bullied from the youngest of ages.

“Faggot, queen, woman, pussy’ would probably be the most common names used to bully and ridicule the young gay guy!

“Lesbo, lezzie, dike” were the common insults for a suspected lesbians while “trannie” and “gender-bender” were some of what a transgender kid might get.

And as you can see, much of the bullying and insults happened in christian schools and at times even in the name of God!

And so is it any wonder that these people often turned away from God and the church which often silently endorsed some of this behaviour?!

Fortunately some didn’t and kept a sense of humour!

The psychological effects of this type of bullying is enormous and as a result a multitude of mental health problems follow.

Anxiety, depression, addiction and suicide rates are monumental in the gay community!

And so as Christians we are faced with a choice!

Do we love and and heal the terrible wounds inflicted by society on these people or do we say nothing and mind our own business and maybe silently agree with it?!

The catechism of the catholic church states that:

But while gays are condemned for their sexual lives, how come we are so quick to excuse our hatred and homophobia when even the catechism condemns it?!!

And so I am delighted to be attending this conference in April with Seamus and Toni and I really hope that it will be a source of healing and hope for at least some of the very wounded gay community.

My hope is that one day soon my home church, the catholic church will with love, mercy and humility organise something similar and bring the healing balm of God’s love, mercy and goodness to these hurting children!

And so today please join me with this simple prayer for the LGBT community!

Have a great day!