Good morning!

A few days ago a lovely Caribbean lady at our parish laughingly said to me:

“We call you little Jesus”

It really made me laugh especially as all my life the word “little” has followed me about!!

To my mum I was a “little devil” or “little ruffin” and I’m sure none of you could possibly imagine why she called me that!

Butter wouldn’t have melted in this little guys mouth!!!

Or maybe not! The shy boy at school was a true little devil at home and mischief was his primary entertainment!!

To my granny and grandad I was “little Michael” as my dad was “big Michael” and it’s true since my conversion I’ve always been attracted to little Therese and to littleness!

Littleness to me has always seemed like a good thing! Many times I prayed that I could be Jesus’ little toy because kids have to leave the big toys at home when they travel but they can bring the little ones!

Of course I’ve always been physically small too and kept a certain youthful look that people either warm to or run from and that’s me!!

And so as I reflect today on this name “little Jesus” I smile and thank big Jesus for everything that He has done and continues to do in my life!

Today you too may be feeling very small and very little!

Don’t fight it! Accept it!

Your greatness is your littleness so enjoy it! Spend lots of time on your own with Jesus and detox from the superficiality of the world where littleness is seen as a weakness!

Remind yourself that you are special to God! He sees you all the better in your littleness and He loves it when you talk to Him!

Ignore the pressures of the world shouting that you must be big and great to be content and to be a success!

Learn to see your littleness as your success, to see success in your individuality and ability to withdraw from the pressures of the world!

Allow your littleness to inspire your prayers no matter your age!

And you will soon find that littleness is the mystical key to God’s greatness!

Your littleness may cause you to struggle with anxiety and depression and low energy like mine did but you can learn to turn it to your advantage with the help of Saint Therese!

She quickly understood that Jesus never tired of helping her in her utter weakness!

Turning her weakness to prayer she became a great saint!

So my little friends!!

Bring your littleness to Jesus at every mass, every prayer, every confession, every friendship and allow the Holy Spirit to inflame it with love and turn you into another “little Jesus”!!

Have a holy and great little day and may St. Therese show us the way!!

Love and blessings

Little Jesus!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚