Good morning!

This morning I was out and about early and the train was choco-block with people in suits going to work!

It reminded me of something someone said yesterday!

“You still look successful, like you are still an actuary”.

He said it with confusion!

After telling him of the train wreck of my life how come I still look successful?!

So of course I said to him!

“Of course I still look successful! The biggest success is following Jesus and allowing Him to use me and heal me and help others! That’s far more successful than an actuary.”

Sometimes it seems that one doesn’t have to do much to evangelise! A simple smile at times speaks more than a book!

And so today! Ask yourself if you are successful and why or why not?

Ask God to readjust your value system on how you measure success and then ask yourself the same question but through God’s eyes!

“Am I successful in God’s eyes’!

If not then remember that it is never too late to change your life and your value system and to begin again!

Have a great day!

Off to my very important business meeting with the chief executive officer of the universe! Yes, I’m going to mass!!