Good morning!

Last night we were at a prayer meeting called ‘pure at heart’. We have been going now for ages after we “accidentally” found it one evening (thanks Beth).

It starts with a beautiful hour of adoration and rosary followed by 30 mins break for tea and then concluded with a talk!

By the name (pure at heart) you might be fooled into thinking that it was a group of sexually repressed Catholics huddled together in fear with their rosaries afraid to meet the outside world much like a hen sitting on her eggs!

But nothing could be further from the truth! This group is young (yes mostly under 30), with it, vibrant, real and fun!

The talks are very varied and the goal is to grow people in wholesome and holiness without over-focusing on sexuality which is a breath of fresh air in these times!

Last night the talk was on speech and the dangers of slander, gossip, criticism etc.

If it were to stop there it’d have just amounted to another bible-bashing with a cup of tea to ease the blows!

However the talks at this prayer meeting are not lectures but are teachings and are as much practical as they are educational!

There is ample room to ask questions and to wrestle with some of the teachings without everybody looking at you like a misplaced heretic!

Once per month we have mass and every week we also have a priest there to hear confessions or to just talk!

Attendance is usually about 30 and immediately you find a friendly group of international young adults more than willing to get to know you over a cup of tea!

The group is open to all and as catholics who are also in the LGBT bracket we have never felt an ounce of discrimination but just acceptance, love and a general interest in us and encouragement for our mission!

They even invited the priest appointed by the cardinal who helps the catholic LGBT community here in London and they were extremely open to what he had to say!

Now you might be thinking that I’m getting paid to market this prayer group! How did you guess?!! Wishful thinking I’m afraid but the reason I am mentioning it today is number one to give thanks and number two with lent on the way to encourage more people to come!

So what are the details?!

Every Wednesday at 7pm at Heythrop College, Kensington, London!

Next Wednesday is ash Wednesday and we will be having a mass in place of the usual hour of adoration!

Perhaps the Lord is inviting you as a great way to start lent! As we say in the irish language:

(a good start halves the work)

So thank you guys to all of you who make pure at heart what it is and for those of you thinking about coming.. ..

Have a great day !


P.S. Please keep us and our needs in your prayers too.