Good morning!

Our mass readings this morning were very strong on the notion of having both faith and good deeds to please God!

As the readings were read I couldn’t but think of mothers and fathers but especially mothers.

Of course times are changing and now more and more mothers find themselves juggling motherhood with careers but even at this I think the ‘good deeds’ of mothers are immeasurable!

I recall my own mother who reared kids, looked after my grandparents and was certainly in full time employment!

We were not rich and her employment was not renumetared as with other mothers!

And so every meal she cooked, basket of clothes she washed was done out of love for her kids and a dying to herself!

She gave us everything and went without herself and often wore clothes her sister who worked in a bank gave her!

As her employment wasn’t paid she was very often bullied for her invisible mission particularly by her sister for whatever reason chose a career over motherhood.

And yet she persevered and forgave her sister a million times over!

My mother suffered enormously but she had great faith you see!

She’d tell me stories of working in the hospital when she was young and washing old men before they’d die that even the nuns would run from because they were so dirty but she ‘saw Jesus in them’!

When she got sick and even had a breakdown she simply saw it as a “part of life ” and never did I see her bitter towards God!

Another person could throw in the towel and say “forget it” to God but her no!

She told me once that those who God loves the most suffer the most but her eyes were fixed on eternity.

Suffering didn’t frighten her and her faith and good works were astounding even in the darkest of trials!

Even when my life fell apart she didn’t break and growing up it was well known that I was her favourite!

I got away with murder so to speak but she saw my good heart behind my mischief!

Her faith certainly inspired mine and her example of perseverance in good deeds despite untold bullying and financial struggles has been a major source of inspiration to me!

And so today let us pray for the grace of perseverance and gratitude.

As we follow Jesus day by day we too will be mocked and ridiculed and often betrayed by our own family and even church community.

Temptations to give up on God and to give up on our good deeds will rise up!

We”ll be tempted to harden our hearts and to say “enough is enough”.

We’ll be tempted to abandon our prayer life and to just settle for being mediocre like “everybody else”.

Satan will whisper nicely and “humbly” in our ears that we are wasting our lives and time and that God isn’t listening to us.

Jesus will seem to abandon us like in the book of Job and yet we are called to persevere!

Let us persevere anyway in faith and in good deeds remembering He who walks on the water!

Let us come to Jesus truly present in the eucharist, truly present in and through the priest and in our brothers and sisters!

Let us pray for one another, encourage one another, love one another.

Let us look to the lives of the saints for inspiration!

And let us look up in confidence in faith to that day we will meet Jesus and He will say to us:”When I was hungry you fed me”.

And so today let us be people of faith, good deeds and love and as usual if anyone would like to help me in spreading this message of love through prayer or financially or other please get in contact.

We would love to expand and to reach more people with the good news of God’s love!

Have a blessed day and thank you Jesus for the wonderful example of faith and good deeds of my mother and indeed many other mothers too!

Mother Teresa, pray for us!

Michael, Séamus and Toni