Good morning!

Yesterday Toni and I were at a volunteers day for St. Patrick’s church in Soho where there are an impressive amount of services for the homeless!

There is a breakfast club, a dinner twice per week, film club and more!

One of the leaders pointed out that being homeless isn’t just about sleeping on the streets, it also includes those who are in temporary accommodation, crashing on sofas etc.

Toni looked at me and smiling said:

“We are homeless”!

Indeed after 12 years of travelling with Jesus as I do my life is similar in some ways and very different in others to the homeless … homelessness being a calling where as theirs being by force!

Nonetheless we both live the uncertainty, the constant moving, the exhaustion, the lack of help from others, the gossip and mockery etc.

As the presentation continued they highlighted the link between mental illness and homelessness.

It’s obvious really, depression and anxiety and other diseases of the soul hamper one’s ability to work and function in society. Miss your rent and bang you’re out. Not everyone has a supportive family to fall back on.

And yet at the gathering I wondered what more we could do!

Sure St. Patrick’s has daily mass and adoration but the inner-healing these souls require goes far beyond that!

Having spent years in charismatic circles I’m fully aware that wounded souls need ongoing inner-healing prayer, deliverance prayer, the sacraments, teachings on forgiveness, community, friendship, support, counselling and more.

At times it is much easier to play Martha rather than Mary and yet how the world needs more like Mary.

Yesterday Seamus was at a charismatic healing conference by Damien Stayne.

He’s going again today and he said it was brilliant!

‘A charismatic healing ministry for the homeless’ I thought!

I’m sick of hearing about “referring them onto professional services” after a cup of tea!

What about the power of Jesus to heal and referring them onto ‘prayer services’?!!!

Jesus left us power in the church and He is calling us to use this and to provide an alternative to professional services where there is usually no talk of God or prayer!

I know, I’ve been there! It becomes a revolving circle of doctors appointments, medication and misery.

And so this morning I ask myself:

“What would mother Theresa do?”

And so once again I feel the same calling as I have for 12 years to bring the supernatural love and healing power of Jesus to the people who need it most and offer them hope and healing together with food, breakfast and a shower!

“Lord Jesus, help us to do more, to forget ourselves and to love until it hurts for the sake of others.

Help us to love beyond boundaries of professionalism, help us to love beyond what is natural, may you love others through us and heal their broken lives.

Stir our comfortable souls to loving more, to giving more, to giving all”

Mother Theresa,

Pray for us, pray for Soho, pray for the homeless!