Yesterday was my turn to read at the Carmelite monastery in Kensington!

Over the years I’ve often read but one thing I’ve never done is sing!

So after the first reading and psalms came the moment that we sing ‘Alleluia” to welcome the gospel!

Before mass I told Seamus and Toni that I was going to sing it ….but was I going to carry my words to actions when the moment came?

Well if I was to tell you immediately you may not read the rest of my blog so while I leave you waiting I will remind you that today is the day that I’m being interviewed by ‘Pinknews’, a significant LGBTQ magazine in the UK but also internationally!

I hope that it will be a golden opportunity to highlight the issues gay people face in church circles and to take a firm stand against things like homophobia, transphobia, gay conversion therapy and discrimination against gay people from some Christians.

However I hope also that it will be an opportunity to talk about the positives also!

About the unconditional love of Jesus and of all the fantastic people that exist in the church too that do not condone the behaviour of their fellow church goers!

Indeed London has been very good to us and we are very blessed indeed to have met some very supportive people and priests who have helped and encouraged us enormously as we move forward in this ministry!

Times are changing and theology is catching up and in the future our hope is that our catholic church will be a loving, safe and inclusive place for people of all sexual orientations and genders.

And so today at 4 PM I will be filmed. Toni and Seamus are coming too and my hope is that this is only the beginning of our media exposure to bring the love of God to all!

And so going back to my original question! Did I sing ‘Alleluia’ at yesterday’s mass?!!

You bet I did for I am no longer shy or ashamed of who I am!

So join me today in prayer and support as we sing alleluia on behalf of the gay community and blast open the doors of God’s love, mercy and justice to those who have been excluded for so long!

Love to all,