A very good morning to you from Notting Hill where it’s raining cats and dogs!

Last night at our prayer meeting the topic was peace and the question arose; what do you do when people don’t like you?

Should you run away and only surround yourself with people like you or should you challenge yourself and stay?

Modern day psychology would tell you to run away! Treat yourself to a new haircut and the spa, get a divorce if it’s your spouse!

Yet Our Lady of Medjugorje who never tires of talking of peace never also tires of talking about prayer and penance!

Peace, prayer and penance!! No thanks! Many will choose fun in the sun!

The trouble with this is that the peace is temporary and people who live like this will never find true peace as that requires the hard work of spiritual transformation and personal reflection and honesty!

Often the people we dislike the most are like giant mirrors being held up in front of our wounds!

We see the charity of mother Teresa, we think of our selfishness!

We see our neighbour happily married, we think of our miserable marriage!

We see a beautiful looking man or woman, we think of our own ugly face!

We see others success, we think of our failures!

However during this time of lent each of these opportunities are an opportunity to die to a superficial way of thinking and being!

Regardless of our looks or successes or failures we are loved by God no less than these other people!

There is no need to be bitter, no need to be jealous and no need to lose our peace about it and there is no need to run away!

So may this lent be a time of true interior peace for us all and if we are aware of people avoiding us (happens to me quite often!!), let’s pray for them that they get the inner insight to face their demons and find the true inner peace from God that lasts!

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Have a peaceful day all of you and may this lenten period be a time of inner peace and personal conversion for us all!