Last night I watched the second episode of the TV series “The Crown”, a drama based on the life of the royal family!

For those of you who don’t know much about the royals, Queen Elizabeth became queen shortly after the early death of her father King George.

She had just recently been married and she was not expecting to become queen at such a young age!

Providence if you like intervened and at 25 she was next in line for the throne!

She was in Africa at the time of her father’s death and she had to come home.

However on arrival everyone already began treating her as queen!

There is a very poignant clip where we see first her mother, then her sister and then her grandmother greeting her accordingly!

Younger in age but higher in authority the new to be queen had to adjust to this new way of life and so did her family!

In a strange parallel it made me think of the priesthood and when God chooses someone for the priesthood how it changes the family dynamics!

And as queen Mary bowed to Elizabeth her granddaughter, how at every mass Queen of heaven Mary kneels before the priest who turns ordinary bread into the body of Jesus!

Another very poignant clip was a letter the new queen received from her grandmother Mary!

She told her that she had 2 people to grieve. Firstly her dad and secondly herself and her old life!

As queen she would inherit a multitude of responsibilities which of course would utterly transform her life, her plans and her family!

The famous line “the crown must always win”!

And once again it made me think of priests and how once ordained they too face the conflict between their priesthood and personal lives and the terrible battle to integrate the two!

When ordained, the priest shares in the royalty of Jesus in a special way and yet he remains an ordinary human being just like the queen!

The priest just like the queen has a multitude of responsibilities linked to his ministry and he too must learn to grieve his old way of life! “The priesthood must always win”!

Of course the queen has a palace full of servants around her to help her and the priest too needs helpers in order to carry out his ministry!

And so last night as we went to bed we prayed a divine mercy chaplet for the queen and her family and for England bearing in mind the lifetime of sacrifice that she has had to make and a lifetime of media coverage!

We also prayed for our cardinal here in London, cardinal Vincent Nichols and of course our the priests in our own parish!

(Cardinal Nichols with prince Charles)

Of course they are two very different types of royalties and while Jesus, the king of kings chose not to grow up in a palace like the royals, this doesn’t take away His love of the royal family and their need for prayer too!

And so with Brexit happening and widespread talk of the Coronavirus, what better time to pray for England and to pray for the royal family and the church here!

Our Lady of Walsingham, pray for England!

Blessings and “God save the Queen”!!!!