Good morning!

After our wonderful weekend in Southampton it’s only today that I feel back in London! Thank you all for your prayers, every one counts no matter how holy or unholy you feel!!

Last night at the dinner table I got talking to a retired priest noted for his academic success! It is true however that he has never been too comfortable with the healing ministry and charismatic phenomenon and as my life is full of these experiences at times I’ve found myself walking on dangerous ground!!

Of course I can’t blame him and in a parallel universe I could be him and he could be me! I too was much the academic and had life not broken me who knows what I’d be like now!

So being careful not to judge I said something that I knew would irritate him a little but also make him think!

‘Why do so many people refer to Jesus as “The Christ” as if He were some distant abstract being when in fact He’s “Jesus” and He’s right with us and is our friend?”

Now one thing I really admire about this priest is his ability to think but more than that, his humility to admit that he may be wrong!

And so our conversation opened up about the supernatural and mysticism and the place of Jesus!

He was coming from academia, I was coming from experience and it was wonderful how they both met and what seemed like opposites came together in perfect harmony!

Of course I’ve been very blessed over the years to have been given a ‘seeing gift’ meaning that I see and hear in the spirit! Coupled with my rational and mathematical mind it means I’ve been given quite an amazing insight into the interactions between the spirit world and the physical world!

On the other hand the only qualifications I have in this area is a stringful of nervous breakdowns so I guess I shouldn’t take it too seriously when people wonder if one flew over the cuckoo’s nest!!

However on a more serious note I do have a degree in mathematics and 12 years of supernatural testimonies that would challenge even the most sceptical to deny!!

Anyway as our conversation continued what once again hit me was for the desperate need to know Jesus at a personal level!

Sure He is “The Christ” but when we receive “The Christ” in holy communion He becomes one with us! We are absorbed into Him mystically and His nature becomes our nature!

We are thus absorbed into the Trinity through the power of the Holy Spirit and we become living human channels of God’s love and power!

Jesus if you like shares His gifts with us and then the realms of healing, prophesy and deliverance open up!

And yet Jesus is also “The Christ” and Lord of the universe and we must step back at times and contemplate this too!

How can it be that the Lord of the universe wants to be my friend, my very intimate friend?

How can it be that this Lord wants to give me love and gifts and healing that I don’t deserve in any way?

How can it be that this Lord who could do everything without me is not only asking for my help, He’s begging for it?!

And so if this wonderful Lord, this majestic king, “The supreme Christ” wants to stoop down and be intimate friends with an infinitely inferior and broken creature like me, who am I to refuse HIM?.

And so today, let us reflect on the humility of Jesus, The Christ, to invite us to be His friends and co-workers!

Let us see our ministries and gifts even if they entail enormous suffering as extraordinary privileges. Let us pray with gratitude for others and let us suffer with gratitude for others for what greater grace is there than to be invited by Jesus to help others through our lives!

May Our Lady, the most humble of all creatures teach us how to humbly and openly invite “The Christ” deep into our hearts where He will make a home and a friendship in us and will invite us to call Him “Jesus”!

May your personal love and relationship with Jesus grow each day and may you come to know and trust in Him more and more!

May He bless your life, heal your heart, grow your ministry and may His love and power through each one of us renew our catholic church today!